When you start any design from the ground up, digging holes for post footings can be messy and some times a very unpleasant task. This often leads people to look for short-cuts, like not digging deep enough or even delay digging the holes altogether.

If you are building a fence, deck, pergola, shed, or home addition, save yourself the labour of digging the posts and call us instead. We will dig the holes and as per your request, we can set and fill the sonotubes and set the post brackets in the cement. We pour the concrete, level, align, and plumb your posts and/or footings to start your project off right!

If you need advice for the layout of your fence posts or deck footings, we can give you our professional advice and help you mark out the placement and size that fits your needs.

  • We have developed a method of post setting that virtually eliminates frost heaves.
  • We set the concrete deep to ensure strength and rigidity for your fence and deck posts.
  • We have the equipment and expertise for all types of post setting.

Our Posthole Procedure

  • Mark out and divide all post locations.
  • Drill the appropriate sized holes for posts.
  • We can drill 9 inch, 12 inch, or 18 inch diameter holes up to 4’ deep.
  • We ensure all posts are set level and straight in cement as requested.
  • We ensure post support is provided by raking dirt around the posts to maintain moisture in the cement during the curing process.
  • Insert, line-up and back fill sona tubes.
  • The post hole is augered to the appropriate diameter.
  • The post is placed to the bottom of the hole and then is plumbed and squared.
  • Some of the dirt is used to fill the top of the hole over the cement. The remainder of the dirt can be carefully removed after the post has set for a minimum of 24 hours.
  • Allow a minimum of two days or more (depending on weather conditions) for post to set before any construction begins.
  • Post heights will vary from one to another and will need to be trimmed to exact height after the fence is constructed.