You want your fence, deck, pergola or any outdoor project to be build with stability and safety in mind.

We build and install post holes in two ways.

  • Sonotubes — We set and fill sonotubes and set post brackets in cement. We pour the concrete, level, align and plumb your posts and/or footings to start your project off right.
  • Helical posts — Helical piles or screw piles are high-strength posts that look like large screws. They make a strong, fast foundation for decks, sunrooms and other small structures. Helical piles allow you to install a deck foundation in hours instead of days and build on it immediately.
  • We have developed a method of post setting that virtually eliminates frost heaves.
  • We set the concrete deep to ensure strength and rigidity for your fence and deck posts.
  • We have the equipment and expertise for all types of post setting.