Armour stones are large, thick and heavy rocks which lend well to their wall building capabilities. Their sheer size can be supplemented by a simple locking mechanism, such as a built-in lip on the bottom, to ensure a solidly built wall.

Whether you’re looking to build a retaining wall or a raised garden area, if you’ve never built an armour stone wall before let us help. We can take care of the calculations and precise placement of heavy armour stones. A retaining wall adds structure and formality to your landscape, just be sure it’s designed, installed, and maintained correctly.

How to Use Armour Stone to Build a Retaining Wall:

  1. We’ll work with you to determine the desired height of the wall and to calculate the number and size of stones required.
  2. We’ll dig a trench twice the width and to the required depth for a proper foundation.
  3. Time to lay down the landscaping fabric. This vital step keeps plants and weeds from growing under the wall and pushing it out of level.
  4. Now install the gravel base. It will be at least 2” deep depending on how high your wall will be. We’ll help ensure the base is level after compacting the gravel.
  5. Finally, we’ll stack the armour stones one on top of the other. They will likely be set with each one slightly behind the other so that the lip built into them can lock into one another when the ground pushes forward against them. The weight of the armour stone itself, this lip, and the angle of incline are what keep the wall in place and the ground held back.